UETP Print


The name of the project UETPNET comes from the acronym UETP (University Enterprise Training Partnership). These UETPs were organizations which were founded under the programme COMETT in 1986. The programme COMETT was the first European initiative in the field of cooperation between universities and enterprises. The objectives of the programme were the following:

  • to give a European dimension to cooperation between universities and enterprises in training relating to innovation and the development and application of new technologies;
  • to foster the joint development of training programmes and the exchange of experience, and also the optimum use of training resources at Community level;
  • to improve the supply of training at local, regional and national level with the assistance of the authorities concerned, thus contributing to the balanced economic development of the Community;
  • to develop the level of training in response to technological change and social changes by identifying the resulting priorities in existing training arrangements which call for supplementary action both within Member States and at Community level, and by promoting equal opportunities for men and women.

Nowadays, only a few UETPs are left (including the coordinator of the project UETP Action Link) but the cooperation between universities and enterprises returns as a European priority in the context of the Lifelong Learning programme.