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The main product of the project is going to be a “matching skills” tool which is going to be used by universities and enterprises in order to match the skills that the universities offer with the skills required by the enterprises.

Project Methodology

The project has a very full agenda of tasks and these have been allocated to a set of developmental and other Work packages. The most interesting aspects are that three online tools are going to be developed in order to promote the collaboration between the universities and the enterprises. These tools are going to be developed on the basis of the needs discovered in WP2 and piloted during WP4.

1 WP1: Management and Coordination of the Project
2 WP2: Initial Study
3 WP3: Adaptation and Development of Web Tools
4 WP4: Piloting
5 WP5: Quality Assurance- Evaluation
6 WP6: Dissemination
7 WP7: Exploitation of Results