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The main product of the project is going to be a “matching skills” tool which is going to be used by universities and enterprises in order to match the skills that the universities offer with the skills required by the enterprises.

Friday, 07 September 2012 12:30

Essenia UETP is a European University-Enterprise Association that was created in 1991 within the sphere of the E.U COMETT programme. Essenia Uetp operates in the professional training sector and in the sector of territorial development. Essenia UETP has obtained recognition from the Regione Campania (Education and Culture Office) as a “Body of regional significance” (L.R. 49/85), concerning activities of significant educational and cultural interest in the region of Campania (decision n.10047 of 13 /12/96) and it is accreditated from the Regione Campania, as demonstrated in decision D.G. R. n. 39/27 of 27/08/02.

Essenia UETP is particularly sensitive to economic and social changes both on a national and a regional basis and for this reason its area of operations vary according to exigencies of territorial development and the national and international economic climate.

The main sectors of intervention by The Essenia UETP may be thus subdivided:

- Transnational Activities

- National Activities



Essenia UETP has participated in the following transnational networks:

· COAST network (Co-ordinated Actions for Seaside Towns). Created with the support of the RECITE programme of DG XVI with the aim of raising quality standards and diversifying European tourist supply. The COAST network has been successful in combining representatives from 9 coastal areas of the E.U.

· COAST- MAP network (Mediterranean Actions Plans). Created with the support of the MEDURBS programme of DG I to foster co-operation between members of the E.U. and tertiary countries of the Mediterranean basin. COAST-MAP is made up of 5 partners operating in Italy, Great Britain, France, Israel and Cyprus.

· WITEC network (Network for Women into Technology). Supported by the COMETT programme and having as its ultimate aim an increase in the number of women in the scientific sector, the sector of advanced technology and in enterprises. The Essenia – UETP is the Italian representative of this network.

· COMETT – Task Force of Human Resources of the E.U., created with the aim of fostering transnational co-operation between universities and enterprises in the field of training in new technologies.

· LANGCRED, created to stimulate reciprocal recognition and certification in language training in Europe.

· ATELIER, stemmed from the European COMETT consortium and is involved in training activity in the Information technology sector.

In the fields of training and research the ESSENIA has carried out numerous activities within the

following transnational programmes :

_ Mediterranean Integrated Plans, projects aimed at young school-leavers for creating new professionals in the management of tourism enterprises. The activities were organised in collaboration with the Escuela de Turismo de Baleares (Spain);

_ EUROFORM, projects aimed at young graduates on the theme of technological innovation and the internationalisation of enterprises. The activity concluded with an international conference entitled “Training opportunities and the development of employment”, held in Ravello (SA).

_ NOW, projects aimed at young female neo-entrepreneurs on the theme of the creation and management of enterprises in the sectors of Tourism and Handicrafts. The project concluded with an international conference entitled “Policies and Action towards equal opportunity in the work market: training programmes and tools for business creation”.

_ RECITE, projects aimed at favouring tourist supply in the coastal areas of the E.U. The Essenia represented the Regione Campania for two years and organised a cycle of transnational seminars intended for entrepreneurs and managers as well as exchanges between tourist operators in Spain and Italy.

_ COMETT (Strand BC): co-ordination of organisation flow between university organisations and business personnel in Italy, Portugal and Great Britain.

_ MED URBS: within the sphere of the COAST MAP network, 7 seminars were organised for tourist operators in Campania. The same seminars, designed by Essenia, were given in the region of Mate Asher (Israel).

_ Actions in favour of the new German Lander: a seminar for entrepreneurs and representatives from Chambers of Commerce in the ex DDR was organised under the patronage of DG XXIII in Naples. This seminar aimed at disseminating information concerning the policies and tools of the E.U. for the benefit of SME’s and for the co-operation of the participating bodies and local enterprises.

_ LEONARDO DA VINCI programme: a seminar entitled “Information Technology and Flexible Working” concerning teleworking techniques and emerging forms of work, was organized within the sphere of the WITEC network.

_ COMETT (Strand CA) programme : 16 seminars for managers, technicians and entrepreneurs on themes of technological innovation in various sectors (agriculture, food industry, telecommunications and aeronautics).

_ COMETT programme : a seminar on “Technological Innovation and Flexible work for Women” within the sphere of the WITEC network and a seminar on “The management of Total Quality in companies operating in the non-ferrous metals sector” in collaboration with a Greek partner, ELVAL.

_ From 1997 to 2012, the Essenia – UETP managed the programme for student mobility. Furthermore, through the LEONARDO DA VINCI programme, Essenia organises and finances stages in companies and/or international institutes of research for undergraduates and graduates within 16 different projects.

_ Within the sphere of two European Community programmes EUROFORM and NOW, Essenia has carried out two research activities: SWOT – “Survey on Women Opportunities and Training”, an analysis of work and new-entrepreneurial opportunities that professional training may offer for women in the Campania region and “New Skills for Development”, on the relationship between new professional posts in the work market and the processes of technological innovation in SMEs.

_ Socio-economic research: A comparative analysis between Italy and Spain of the restrictiveness of transnational co-operation between SMEs, organised within the EUROMANAGEMENT (DG XXIII) programme; A qualitative and quantitative survey of handicraft enterprises in the province of Caserta, commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta.

_ Within the sphere of the HORIZON – Employment programme, Essenia Uetp is the promoter and designer of the project “For.Mul.A.” - Formazione Multimediale Avanzata (community title: Creation of Opportunities in Hypermedia for Physically Disabled People). The project includes an integrated intervention of research and study, trainer training and training of physically-handicapped people which aims to facilitate the insertion of physically-handicapped people into the sectors of telematics, multimedia and electronic publishing. Additional actions include the insertion of participants into companies and help with start-up of businesses or co-operatives that will begin at the end of the training period. One further action in the project will be to set up a permanent local assistance service for handicapped people to aid them in finding work. This service will comprise an information desk, an observatory on the work market and a databank.



ESSENIA has been involved in and is currently carrying out numerous activities training and local development activities in Italy. Amongst the most significant of these activities are the following:

_ A training project under the operative programme EMERGENZA OCCUPAZIONALE SUD with the Provincial Administration of Benevento aiming to train “Operators in the recovery and management of water courses” and 48 “Operators in census-taking and cataloguing of public heritage works”.

_ A multiregional training project (Campania/Sardegna) entitled “Training in the creation of agro-tourism enterprise and tourist services in National parks” was carried out under the programme AZIONI INNOVATIVE SUD (P.O.M. 940028/I/1).

_ Three training courses were carried out in 2000: “Experts in multimedia and new educational technology” (n. 2 courses), and “Experts in meeting and congress organisation” .

The projects came under the Plan for Professional Training and were co-financed by the F.S.E.

_ In 2001, professional training courses were organised for school-leavers and graduates, “Events organisers for tourists” and “ Experts in the promotion and sale of financial services”. The projects came under the Plan for Professional Training and were co-financed by the F.S.E.

_ In the sphere of the P.O. RESEARCH, TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT AND HIGHER TRAINING 1994/1999 – Sub-programme 1—Measure 1 Higher Training, Essenia - UETP assigned n° 6 biannual grants for post-graduate studies, financed by the F.S.E. and by the Ministry of Universities and Scientific Research and Technology ( Decree 24/07/98).

_ Analysis of training needs : In 1990 and 1994 the “Task Force for Employment” delegated Essenia to identify shortfalls in professionalism and training needs for the Campania region (Skill needs and shortages in the region of Campania). The results were published in the periodical “Osservatorio” (n° IV, 1994), edited by ISFOL and the Ministry of Work.

_ From 2002 to 2011 Essenia received approval for training activity projects under P.O.R Campania 2000/2006- Band III – measures 3.2 and 3.3.

_ In 2004, in the sphere of PON 2000/2006 “Scientific Research, Technological Development and Higher Training” Band III: Measures 3.6, 3.1, Essenia, has managed, one higher training project to be carried out with Salerno City Council, Province of Salerno, So.L.e S.p.a. ( Enel Group).The higher training project is called: Experts in integrated technologies and systems for urban safety”

_ In 2006/07 Essenia received approval for 19 training activity projects under P.O.R Campania 2000/2006 —measure 4.16, for workers in the agricultural field. In 2007, within the sphere of Mobility Regional Programmes called “G.B. VICO”, Essenia has managed the following student mobility projects:

- Project I.C.E., assigned 50 grants to undergraduates and graduated to carry out work placements in companies within the European Union

- Project S.T.E.P., assigned 30 grants to undergraduates and graduated to carry out work placements in companies within the European Union.

_ In the current year within the sphere of “Catalogo Interregionale dell'Alta Formazione” - Campania Region, Essenia received approval for the following training activity projects:

_ Specialistic Course “Progettazione comunitaria”

_ Specialistic Course “Riuso del patrimonio storico-culturale”

_ Master in “Tecnologie e sistemi integrati per il monitoraggio ambientale”

Activities regarding local development :

_ Under art.10 of the F.E.S.R., the Essenia UETP together with the Provincial Administration of Salerno and partners of the COAST network participated in the pilot project “Preservation and Development of Coastal Culture and Heritagewhich foresaw the constitution of a transnational network of public and private bodies operating in the territory for the promotion and development of tourism and the economy in coastal areas through the valorisation of lesser-known cultural heritage sites.

_ On the basis of Regional Law 49/85 for the promotion of cultural valorisation, Essenia receives annual financing from the Office of Education and Culture for carrying out studies and research on subjects of historical and cultural interest.