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The first transnational meeting of the project UETPNET - University Enterprise Training Partnership Networking for upgrading skills using online tools is going to take place in Athens in the 13th and 14th of January 2011.

Advice For Students/Graduates Looking For Jobs PDF Print E-mail

Bucks Careers Online

Website with useful videos which guide the student step by step to write job applications and look for job positions. The videos in this website include topics such as: How to get started with CVs, How to Get started with Covering Letters, How to get work experience, How to Complete Application Forms, Knowing your Industry, Career Choice, Interview Preparation, Preparing for Work Experience, Thinking About Further Study).

Writing your resume

Here is a video that takes the stress out of writing your resume. You'll learn the 10 Rules for constructing an effective Resume. These rules will give you the confidence to write it quickly and more importantly, to discuss it effectively.

Final Cut - Words to Strike from your Resume

An interesting article which suggests which words to leave out from your resume

The Candidate Skills - Qualities Employers want

This article highlights the Candidate Skills/Qualities that employers want