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Noticias UETP

La primera reunión transnacional del proyecto UETPNET - Universidad Empresa Asociación de Redes de Formación para mejorar las competencias con herramientas en línea va a tener lugar en Atenas en el 13 y 14 de enero de 2011.

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The National Centre for the Development of the Technical and Vocational Education (CNDIPT) (Romania)

  • Organism in the subordination of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports
  • Its objective is the constant improvement of the professional and technical learning

The National Adult Training Board (CNFPA) (Romania)

  • national authority for qualifications

The National Agency for Labour Force Employment (ANOFM) (Romania)

  • its services address the unemployed and the economic agents
  • its main objective is the increase of the degree of employment of the workforce and implicitly the decrease of unemployment

The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports (Romania)

  • information for the students, teachers and other interested persons, about exams, recognition and equivalence of diplomas etc.

Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (A.R.A.C.I.S.)

  • The mission of ARACIS is the external evaluation of the quality of the education offered by the higher education institutions and by other organizations which provide higher education study programs, operating in Romania

Serviciul APEL Association (Romania)

  • Resource Centre for the Development of the Social Economy
  • services of counselling and information in fields related to the appropriate operation of the society (access to the labour market, access to medical services, access to education)

The Romanian European Institute

  • The European Institute of Romania (EIR) is a public institution whose mission is to provide expertise in the field of European Affairs to the public administration, the business community, the social partners and the civil society.

The OBSERVER Association for the Development of Lifelong Learning

  • it implements research, evaluation, formation, consultancy and expertise activities in the field of lifelong learning promotion and development policies, at national and international levels