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Ştiri UETP

Principalul rezultat al proiectului va fi instrumentul pentru compatibilizarea abilităţilor, care va fi folosit de către universităţi şi întreprinderi pentru a realiza o potrivire a abilităţilor oferite de universităţi cu cele cerute de către întreprinderi.

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European Association of Career Guidance

The European Association of Career Guidance is an association founded in 2010 which aims to enable an information and experience exchange by the Career Guidance Counsellors, to circulate provisions of the Lisbon Strategy and its updates in academic and professional circles, to support the process of raising education and professional standards and quality in the territory of the European Union, to support and contribute to the European policy of Career Guidance and Employment, to organize training courses for the promotion of LifeLong Learning (LLP) of the Career Guidance Counsellors and to organize seminars and conferences, which will enable direct communication among the Association members and beyond and for the definition of new areas of the Association activities.


European Career Guidance Conference

The European Career Guidance Conference is a European conference organized by the European Association of Career Guidance which aims to bring together experts (mainly universities) from all the European countries in order to discuss issues related with the employability of the university students. The European Career Guidance Conference for 2011 was organized in Athens while the 2012 conference will be organized in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


European University Enterprise Network (EUE-NET)

The EUE-Net - European University-Enterprise Network - is an initiative to create a European Cooperation Network able to assemble and to coordinate the efforts towards a better collaboration between universities and enterprises at European level, to disseminate cooperation models and to promote best practices of collaboration in Europe, totally oriented to support the new European initiative "New skills for new jobs".


Quality Placements Network

Q-PlaNet, the Quality Placements Network is network of Quality Reference Centres (QRC) for student placements. QRCs are offices acting at regional level for checking placement quality and promoting the mobility of students in practical training. Q-PlaNet sets up concrete standards and structures for quality assurance in order to provide students, host organisations and universities a solid an secured basis for European wide comparable placements.