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The main product of the project is going to be a “matching skills” tool which is going to be used by universities and enterprises in order to match the skills that the universities offer with the skills required by the enterprises.

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Associazione SINTESI (Italy)


SINTESI, the association of the three Sicilian Universities, was set up as University-Enterprise Training Partnership in 1991 to promote and develop the cooperation among universities and public/private bodies/SMEs through the design and implementation of joint initiatives at European level. SINTESI pilots this co-operation activities in the field of training, research, innovation and technology transfer, in particular organizes and develops training actions in new technologies, carries out training and innovation needs analysis, develops and coordinates projects at a European level, organizes University Master and vocational courses for adults in advanced sectors, plans and develops multimedia training tools. SINTESI, gives technical assistance to the Department for International and Community Policies of the University of Palermo, actively supporting the work of the "Community Projects" Operational Unit. SINTESI applies Quality procedures and is certified ISO 9001:2000.