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The main product of the project is going to be a “matching skills” tool which is going to be used by universities and enterprises in order to match the skills that the universities offer with the skills required by the enterprises.

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University of Granada (Spain)


Universidad de Granada UGR is fully integrated with the economical environment in the province. It is the main provider of workforce to the enterprises in the area. Through its Employment for Students Office, the UGR provides placements and internships for students in their last courses.

For years, this activity has established a contact network having the University as a mediator. Therefore, the UGR is very interested in improving the communication with enterprises in the area and moreover, to make an effort to adapt the student skills to the needs of these enterprises.

The UGR and its Virtual Learning Centre CEVUG have been involved in a variety of European projects as partner and as coordinator. CEVUG has developed internet tools to enhance communication with HEIs in the framework of EU funded projects (MOVINTER, HEXTLEARN, MOBIBLOG). UGR and CEVUG have collaborated in an Erasmus Mundus project WISHES for building a community in which universities, students and enterprises can get in touch with each other enabling enterprises to make international recruitments and virtual placements.