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The first transnational meeting of the project UETPNET - University Enterprise Training Partnership Networking for upgrading skills using online tools is going to take place in Athens in the 13th and 14th of January 2011.

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Università degli Studi di Palermo (Italy)


University of Palermo has been founded in 1806 by Ferdinand III of Bourbon, King of Naples and the Two Sicilies. Palermo University, with two centuries of life behind it, is today a consolidated cultural, scientific and didactic presence throughout central-western Sicily. Articulated in 12 Faculties and 80 Departments, it covers the most important fields of contemporary scientific and technological knowledge. It presents itself as a tessera in a mosaic of institutions committed to the promotion of the region and as a point of interchange of international relations aimed at the spreading of knowledge and at the free, comparative presentation of cultures. It is articulated in 12 faculties and 80 departments and offers 160 degree courses and has 2100 teachers, 2500 technical and administrative staff and 65000 students. It has set an incubator of enterprises and works constantly, through the Liaison office, towards the direction of better cooperation between University and Enterprise.