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Main aim of the project is the promotion of the collaboration between universities and enterprises, the improvement of the employability of the university graduates and the facilitation of the recruitment process for the enterprises.

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Aim: The aim of this WP is twofold. On the one hand aims at identifying the needs of the enterprises and universities in relation to the web tools proposed by the project and providing feedback that will be used in the design of the tools in WP3. On the other hand the WP aims at identifying and analyzing the differences between the competencies offered by the universities and the competencies needed by the enterprises in the particular sector of Business Administration. The results of this part of the study will be used in the piloting of the "matching skills" web tool in WP4.

Methodology: The methodology that will be followed for the development of this WP will be the following: At the beginning of the WP, the WP coordinator will draft a guidelines document in which he will determine data collections techniques and instruments as well as basic instructions for carrying out the study. The study will be realized through desk and field research. In the Desk Research partners will collect secondary data. Possible data sources and specific questions are going to be determined by the WP coordinator. The field research will be realized through Focus Groups with mixed panel of enterprises and universities and through interviews with stakeholders (based on semi-structured questionnaire). The Focus Group will be facilitated by a trained facilitator/ researcher and a rapporteur. In the case of countries which are represented by two partners in the consortium (IT, CY, RO) the work will be divided between the partners. One partner will be responsible for the part of the research concerning universities and the other for the part concerning enterprises. A National Report will be produced in each country summarizing the results of the research. The WP coordinator will use the information of the national reports in order to create a comprehensive comparative report for all the countries of the partnership.

Beginning Date: 15/1/2011

End Date: 30/6/2011

Duration: 5,5 months

Coordinating Partner: P2: Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti - CTANM