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Main aim of the project is the promotion of the collaboration between universities and enterprises, the improvement of the employability of the university graduates and the facilitation of the recruitment process for the enterprises.

WP3: Adaptation and Development of Web Tools PDF Print E-mail

Aim: Aim of this WP is the development of web tools that will facilitate the collaboration between the Universities and the Enterprises in various ways. 3 particular web tools are envisaged to be produced in the framework of this WP: 1) A tool for "matching" the skills offered by the University with these needed by the enterprises. The enterprises are going to publish in the web tool the job/ internship positions they offer with a complete description of the skills and competencies needed for these positions. The Universities will upload to the tool the list of skills and competencies of their graduates. Furthermore, the University students and graduates will provide the University a list of their additional skills and competencies and the job positions they would prefer. The University will add this list in the data base of the system and will inform the students/ graduates any time that there is a job offer that matches their skills. 2) An E-Learning platform which will be used for the organization of seminars for enterprises organized by university teachers as well as joint training sessions organized in common by Universities and enterprises. The platform already exists (intellectual property of P1) but will need to be adapted to the requirements of the sector. 3) A web tool where there will be published joint initiatives by Universities, events/ activities organized by enterprises which are of interest for the Universities and vice versa.

Methodology: The tools will be designed on the basis of the results of WP2. The WP coordinator at the beginning will make a proposal on the design of the tools. The partners will make focus groups with stakeholders and will provide suggestions. On the basis of these suggestions, P1 will make a final proposal which, if approved will be the basis for the development of the tools. P1 will develop and show to the partners firstly a first prototype of the tools, receive feedback and accordingly will develop the final version of the tools.

Beginning Date: 1/7/2011

End Date: 30/3/2012

Duration: 9 months

Coordinating Partner: P1- Action Synergy