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Main aim of the project is the promotion of the collaboration between universities and enterprises, the improvement of the employability of the university graduates and the facilitation of the recruitment process for the enterprises.

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Aim: The aim of this WP is the dissemination of the aims, objectives and results of the project to its target groups which are enterprises (including enterprise organizations and employers' organizations) universities (including universities associations and university students/ graduates) as well as intermediate organizations (employment agencies).

Methodology: Dissemination of the aims, objectives and results is going to be made throughout the project. At the beginning of the project, a dissemination strategy is going to be designed by all the partners and drafted by the WP coordinator. A stakeholder network is going to be created in each participating country which will be managed by one partner in each country and will include organizations and individuals interested in the results of the project. The stakeholder network will be consulted each time before the finalization of each result in order to assure that the results will be developed according to the needs of the target groups. The dissemination of the project will be differentiated according to the target groups to which the project is addressed and according to the result which is being disseminated. In order to disseminate to enterprises the results, there will be used publications of leaflets and basic information material in sectoral press, information disseminated through their associations, face-to-face meetings with enterprise representatives etc. For the dissemination to the universities, university networks and face-to-face meetings will be prioritized. Targeted newsletters will be the main tool for the dissemination in employment agencies. Dissemination will be made also through the use of general dissemination channels such as web site, brochures, workshops, web dissemination channels as well as face-to-face meetings. For reaching innovative enterprises and students/ graduates web 2.0 tools (facebook, twitter) will be used. Each partner will report regularly its dissemination activities in the WP coordinator which at the end of the project will draft a dissemination report.

Beginning Date: 1/10/2010

End Date: 30/9/2012

Duration: 24 months

Coordinating Partner: P7- TALOS