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The main product of the project is going to be a “matching skills” tool which is going to be used by universities and enterprises in order to match the skills that the universities offer with the skills required by the enterprises.

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  • Matching Skills Tool: Tool for "matching" the skills offered by the University with these needed by the enterprises. The enterprises are going to publish in the web tool the job/ internship positions they offer with a complete description of the skills needed for these positions. The Universities will upload to the tool the list of skills of their graduates. Furthermore, the University students and graduates will provide the University a list of their additional skills and the job positions they would prefer.
  • Adapted E-Learning Platform: An E-Learning platform which will be used for the organization of seminars for enterprises organized by university teachers as well as joint training sessions organized in common by Universities and enterprises. The E-Learning platform will be used also in order to match the gap between the skills offered by the Universities and the skills needed by the enterprises. If a gap is discovered the Universities can offer brief online seminars to the students in order to bridge the gap.
  • Events Publishing Tools: A web tool where there will be published joint initiatives by Universities and enterprises (conferences, seminars, researches, programmes, projects etc.), events/ activities organized by enterprises which are of interest for the Universities and vice versa.
  • Stakeholders Network: A database which will include the data of all the stakeholders of the project. This will facilitate the sharing of information and dissemination of the project. The network will expand while the project is developing. Communication tools for the network will be provided through the project website.