The Enterprise Working Workshop in Buckinghamshire New University 5-30 November 2012

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Enterprise Working is workshop for people
considering setting up their own business. This
edition has been especially enhanced for students at
Bucks New University. Whether you are intending to
go freelance in the area of your study, have a
business idea you would like to develop or would like
to be more creative when it comes winning that
perfect role, this workshop will give you deeper
insight into becoming more entrepreneurial and
May be one day
As an undergraduate the world of work and earning a
living may not be top of your mind. However it makes
sense to use your time wisely and really consider
what it takes to own your own business. With the
economic climate still tough this may be your best
option for getting your career started.
This workshop is being delivered in lecture and in
open sessions throughout the month of November.
Visit the
to find out more and book your space.
Developing the skills for success
As well has finding out about the simple yet effective
Enterprise Working model you will be given the tools
and the training to develop ideas right through to
taking them to market, making sales, banking money
and managing a growing business.

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