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StartUp Britain Bus will be arriving on campus on Monday morning and will be open for visitors from 9.00-13.00. The Bus will be parked on the front of the campus at the far end of the Gateway building opposite Staples. Weather permitting, there will be conversations going on outside the Bus or nearby in the foyer of the main building.

The Entrepreneurs who are coming on Monday are listed below.


•             Sean Obedih – Entrepreneur: The Founders Hive

•             Liam Black – Entrepreneur:

•             The Same Wavelength

•             Adam Niazi – Business Advisor: Start Smarter

•             Lisa Weston – Entrepreneur:

•             Arbonne Oliver Mochizuki – Entrepreneur: The Creative Mind Group

•             Peter Richardson – Entrepreneur: Secos Ltd

•             Piers Mummery – Entrepreneur: MTwo Ventures Ltd

•             Nina Horking – Business Advisor: Community Times

•             Charlotte Williamson – TOMS

•             Anisah Britton – Entrepreneur:

•             Mark Harris – Business Advisor: Enterprise

•             Doctor Hilda Stearn – Business Advisor: Partnership Working

•             Sue Pye – Business Advisor: ICAEW

•             Matt Gubba – Entrepreneur: BizBritain

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