About us

UETPNET is a project funded by LLP- Erasmus which aims at the promotion of the collaboration between universities and enterprises with the use of online tools. It is a 2 year project involving partners from Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Romania and UK. The events publishing tool is an online platform where universities and enterprises from all over Europe will be able to publish in an easy way joint events or joint courses organized in cooperation between universities and enterprisesThe aim of the project is to promote the skills-based approach through the use of an online “matching skills” tool which will be used by the enterprises to describe their job positions in terms of skills and the universities to describe in terms of skills their qualifications. This is being completed by:

  • Adaptation of an e-learning platform that could be used by the universities in order to provide short e-learning courses in case they discover a gap between the skills they offer and the skills needed by the enterprises
  • Collaborative tool for publication of joint activities which will be used in order to publicize events and activities which are organized together by universities and enterprises
  • Development of a stakeholders network in order to bring the stakeholders of the project together, foster their cooperation and ensure the sustainability of the results of the project.

The project is being completed over 2 years and its partners represent the whole range of stakeholders in the sector including universities, enterprises, enterprise associations and UETPs (special organizations created by the EU in order to promote the collaboration between universities and enterprises.

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